NAMM 2010 Yamaha Booth


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Yay! Green! For whatever reason Yamaha didn't seem to have any green finishes in the '09 catalog... That green/black fade is pretty much what I was hoping/praying for. Did you hear them? How did they sound?


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those PNX shells look thick...

have they always been that thick?

love that finish on the kit... drool.


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I would give anything to be at NAMM right now :(
Those kits are absolutely beautiful, amazing finishes. I've always wanted a yamaha...


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Sweet pics Mike.

So good to see the Centennial kits back. In gold AND with Powerhoops AND a outer plied carbon version :D:D:D

Yamaha Recording Custom Centennial kit.


Love some of the colors of the new RTC's to.

(Yes the PHX always has been that thick ;) )
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The turqouise fade PHX is absolutely stunning. Reminds me of the conway custom kit in one of the other threads on this forum.

I bet it would look top notch with some gold hardware too.

I had my heart set on perhaps buying a Maple Custom Absolute sometime in the future, but may have to adjust that plan :)

Music is Awesome

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All of you wood guys how wood you guys rate Indonesian mahogany on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being African mahogany and 1 being Philippine mahogany. I ask this because the rock tour kit is made out of Indonesian mahogany.


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What is the "SC" MusiQ? Also, notice they thickened both tom/kick up by a mm.
Stage Custom. But I miss read. It says 50 made world wide. Its a Recording Custom.

One of them with an outerply of CARBON!!!!

Mike can you get a closer pic of the information board and the centennial sets?


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hahahahahaha, the music for the new Rock Tour website is EXACTLY what I expected the Japanese version of rock to sound like. xD


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I noticed some pics of you playing the new top-end electronic kit (the 950?) - what did you think? Worth the hype?

Thanks for your noble sacrifice in putting yourself through all that torture (grin) - I bet it was rough...