NAMM 2010 Tama Booth

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Thank you Mike for all of the pics so far, They are really good. Just out of curiosity are you going to cymbal companies booths as well as the drum companies?


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Thanks Mike !! Very cool! Tama sure straightened out their freako color combo's from last year. It's like they went through re-hab or something. Very cool finishes.


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Excellent, excellent up-close photos of the Tama finishes, Mike! Thanks a lot--this is great stuff.

I am sad to see Tama ruining the SC Maple and Bubinga lines with that awful new badge. I preferred the painted badge, which is now only available on the SC Bubinga Elite and SC Bubinga Omni-Tune lines.

Great photos!

wy yung

Thanks again Mike.

I think it's a mistake to change the sticker on the Maple SC kits, which was all class, to that horrible new badge. Whoever came up with this stupid idea should have their pay docked!