NAMM 2010 Mapex Booth


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The finishes look pretty nice but on a lot of the pictures i cant tell if its an orion or a saturn set


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that really sucks, all those bad ass finishes and their all either meridian or orion. they posted all the new finishes on mapex's site but other then i think 2 metalic glitters on the saturns all the bursts were on orion and the the rest were meridian. i was really liking that imperial burst and the teal burst but alass the orions are a bit out of my price range....


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Just as with the conway customs, and the yamaha PHX.. im loving that teal burst. Seems a popular colour combination at the moment, and its one i really like.


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I have always admired Mapex's finishes, and this year is no exception. I just wish they could do something to tone down those huge, unsightly rectangular badges and the sheer size of their mounting hardware. The combined look just isn't a turnon at all, and I wouldn't think I'm alone in this.


WOW, love the Champagne glitter Saturn. I love all things Mapex including the Badges, they are a work of art by themselves actually. I am definetly sure I am not alone on that either : )


No you are not alone.

I have Mapex Saturns 10x8 12x9 16x16 22x18 and 14x5.5.

Blue sparkle, and i love my drums.



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In over 20 yrs of drumming, Mapex is in my top 3 of the nicest kits I've played. Orion is quite simply a phenomenal drum. The Black Panther snare line is also aces.

Kudos for the Mapex folks...