NAMM 2010 DW Booth

Big Foot

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that hockey kit is fugly! and I'm Canadian, eh.

W/ all beautiful stuff DW does I guess the have to make mistakes once and a while...


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,but neither one does it for me...
Thanks for posting though.)


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Wow, that Snakes and Arrows snare looks really sweet. Get rid of the snakes and arrows and there's one of the sexiest snare I've ever seen!

Steady Freddy

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Hi Mike,

First, thanks very much for the NAMM pictures!

Looks like DW has a new throw off. Any details would be cool.

Take care.


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I like the hockey kit. I might do something like that for my Navy uniform items (medals and ribbons, rank insignia, etc...).

Maybe it's cheesy, but I get what it's about.