Naming Your Kit

After taking a long break ( about 20 or more years), and setting up my kit again 2 or so years ago , I realized i was in need of a serious upgrade and have been researching and looking for the right used or new set up for me . No rush but am constantly looking .

Kit consists of .... I think they’re 70’s black Pearl wood-fiberglass in 12,16,22. Ludwig non riveted late seventies chrome o wood concert toms in 8, 10, 12 ( I love these) and Remo roto toms in 8,10,12 and various 60’s and 70’s Zildjian and 80’s paiste sound reflections 2000 cymbals and a 1968 Ludwig supra. Pearl boom stands, vintage Gretsch hh stand and various Tama and pearl pedals and other various hardware by different manufacturers. After banging around on this for the first year and considering the mix of gear and how ugly this thing is , ...... I think I’ve correctly named it ...........


This has been fine to shake of the rust but .....I really need a new / new to me kit !


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I've never named a drum kit-never likely will. I don't name cymbals or sticks either. That's why I don't name my kit because then the slippery slope of naming every tom, stick and "Hary" protection and what not. lol. It's problematic too-if you get rid of the kit-it's like a divorce if it has a name-you get all sentimental like losing a family member. I want to get rid of it without any baggage of guilt.


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I call mine by different names:

"Those over there."

"These right here."

"Those over yonder, back in the back."

I did have a snare drum that I named "Big Slappy" at one time.


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I tend to name a lot of things too, the house has its name, the car,...
My drum kit has already a nice name, "Signia", but I use a nick name.
In French, I call it : "la grosse".
"Fat girl" if you prefer :-D


"Uncle Larry"
I only refer to my kit as Yolanda to the members here. No one but you guys know her name, not even my wife.

I usually refer to them as my walnut segmented.

I have to be humble about them, and it's not easy.