Name That Price- Pearl vintage snare and accessories


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One cold day some bad drummer walks into this music store. It has a drum section and in among other vintage and used snares is a vintage Pearl maple 13” x 3” piccolo snare in very good condition. Needing a good cleaning and new batter head, looking like a great project for the right price. Adding a Premier double braced stand, and a new Evans HD DRY 2ply coated batter head fait accompli!

That drummer decides to get that snare and after some friendly banter and negotiation, walks out with the Pearl piccolo snare, Evans head, Premier stand.

What did some bad drummer pay for those beautiful things prey tell?

The one that’s closest to the actual final price on the receipt at midnight on March 1, 2021 shall be declared the Grand Prize Winner ???✨⚡☄☄✨⭐??? token gift, but Eternal Recognition as the best guesser:sneaky:

Grand Prize - Vic Firth Lanyard!! ✨ & the slotted Drum Key☄ shown here:


No registration required,I look forward to some interesting comments! Shipping included! Good luck! Whoever wins wins, some bad drummer is the judge but will count on the mods if any dispute:rolleyes::)
I think the Pearl is mid something, anyone have an opinion on that?
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Sometimes it’s best to strip down to the shell and totally disassemble for deep cleaning and oiling. This thing hadn’t been cleaned in 30 years I’m guessing from the gunk under the hoops. E5C028E5-D8AD-42AB-9225-AB1092780326.jpeg

However after prolonged repeated sessions of cleaning, this thing simply beams



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That snare is not that old, 30 years at most. It's an M1330. There is also B1330 (brass) and S1330 (steel). In the 90s any of them was $99. Now you cant get one used for that, and new they are much more expensive. That one you have is close to $290-300.

I recorded an album with the steel in 2002. I've wanted one ever since. Whatever you got it for, I'm sure it sounds fantastic.


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If I had to timeline your snare, I'd guess 2000-2010. This one has a 90s badge (and a good amount of rust):

This is the current badge:

I'd put yours in the middle, and I dont know exactly when the badges changed. Cant find this snare with any other badge than the three.


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Seems like it's older than your top one based on much lower serial number 203793 -which by the way was stamped- vs 891358 which was engraved, as well as the style of moustache vs. bar badge...but I'm no Pearl export :sneaky:. And I can't find anything online that looks identical, so perhaps I stumbled upon a rare gem. Regardless it'll be interesting to get to the bottom of this mystery no matter how long it takes.


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Pearl serial numbers dont mean anything unless it's a Reference kit. They are for your insurance and identification purposes only.

I promise you this snare is neither rare or from the 60s.

Here's another with the same badge:


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Pearl serial numbers dont mean anything unless it's a Reference kit. They are for your insurance and identification purposes only.

I promise you this snare is neither rare or from the 60s.

Here's another with the same badge:
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I appreciate this; is there any other information available about that particular drum?

My reference to 60's was jokingly referring to the # of years of grime buildup on the item, I obviously missed the mark on several counts haha.
And I don't expect that I've got some Rare bird, just something a little different and kinda cool. ? Peace brother


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I had the same snare many years ago. Never quite got it to sound right for me. I'm going to assume you are a master negotiator. $50 for the snare, $25 for the stand and they threw in a free head. $75 total.