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I use the original or standard model Sonor Perfect Balance pedal for 95% of my gigs and rehearsals.
I also have a Yamaha Direct Drive Double pedal on my practice kit ( not really a double pedal guy).
I have an Axis X Longboard as a backup pedal.
I also own a Rogers Big R Supreme pedal.


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Dw 5000 and 6000 (these are my primary gig pedals)
PDP double pedal (I wanted to play double pedal when I was 9 but I don’t like it)
Mapex Armory (insanely under rated)
Vintage Mapex
(2) Roland pedal that came with my td-1k. (I like triggers)
I only use the 5000 and 6000 and Roland’s and the rest of the pedals collect dust or get used as clave/tambourine pedals
My main pedal for most stuff is the foldable Perfect Balance pedal. For double bass drum playing I use an Iron Cobra 3rd generation that came with cobra coil. Nevertheless I removed the springs quickly.
As additional pedal for foot cowbell I have an old Camco from the 80ies which is also my spare pedal.

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I used a Tama Iron Cobra for many years, and still have one as my practice / backup pedal. Currently, I use a DW 5000 Accelerator (AD3) with a Danmar 206 felt beater. I also have a Danmar 207 Tommy Aldridge model bass drum beater made out of maple wood.


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Axis Sabre 21 direct drive longboard as my main pedal. Recently picked up a Pearl P930 longboard single chain pedal as my backup.


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Sometimes, I like to swich it up and use the JazzPro Slug beater, "the indy car of beaters" with a plastic head. It's my secret weapon in any situation.20190729_162702-03.jpeg20190729_162306-02.jpeg
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Have you thought of making the heel/pedal plate slide fore and aft ala the pearl powershifter?
No, my solution is more effective. With Powershifter you can vary the gear ratio but in a small range. My pedal has a much larger range (7.5 to 9).


Not sure I see what you mean. The pedal shifted back would give it a more leveraged feel like the speed cobra
If you move the footboard then the gear-ratio changes. To the front it gets bigger ("faster" + heavier), to the back smaller ("slower" + softer). I do it by extending the footboard. This changes the gear ratio and adds an effect equal to the shift of the footboard. There is a combined effect: extension and "displacement".

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A single DW5000 Turbo or Accelerator. I only use one at a time, either one of them could be the primary or spare.


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DW5k doubles. I had the Pearl 902's for a long time, then got the 5k's for a steal.
Never looked back.

I do have a 5k single with the heel kit. Came with different thickness heel plates, longer screws & weights. Allowed me to really customize the pedal to my foot and feel.
I love the DW MD's that Thomas Lang plays on. They look and feel fast!


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Pearl eliminator Double. Chain drive. (file photo)

AWESOME pedal(s). Man , they've come a looong way since my Gibraltar double from the 80's. So silky Smoove and light (feeling). Sadly, that doesn't make me play any better, but I do feel better when I play. ;)