Mystery Stick


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Hello! I recently found a mystery stick in an old drum box, and I really like playing with it, however, the logo is rubbed off, so I can't tell what it is. I think it's a Regal Tip stick, but I can't be sure. The most visible part of the logo is what looks like a sumo-wrestler. Any info? Thanks!


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To better understand the make and model, please post a clear photo of the stick and measure the length & diameter.

The latter may be tough without calipers, but those dimensions along with taper and tip type will help determine what you have.


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Yup, ProMark oak sticks.



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The length is around 16 and a quarter inches. I can get the taper measurements later. Thanks!

With that Sumo, length and the 5B-style tip, I'd be inclined to say it's the Shira Kashi Oak 747. Since Neil Peart played that model forever, Promark christened the Oak version the "Neil Peart Signature" model (the Hickory version does not carry his name at all). Despite what the copy says on this product listing in the link, Neil did not design the 747.