Mystery Drummer - Purdie ?


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I happened to see Jeff Beck do a performance in Edmonton, AB, Canada in the summer of 1974 or 1975...It was at the Edmonton Gardens (I beleieve) during the summers Edmonton Exhibition Stars Performance's...To this day it really bothers me that I can't place the cat that played drums with Jeff Beck (Guitar) and the Bass Guitarist cause the drummer was so funky...And...He smiled a lot during the performance...There may have been maybe 200 people at this show...I'm thinking the drummer was Bernard Purdie...So, Historian's...Jeff Beck in the summer of 1974 or 1975 (Not Beck Bogart & Appice...That's for sure), Who toured with him ? Thanks y'all...


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For the October 1974 sessions at London’s AIR Studios, Beck assembled a stripped-down band with Max Middleton, bassist Phil Chenn, and drummer Richard Bailey. To produce, he chose George Martin, who’d manned the helm for all of the Beatles albums. Martin recalls being surprised when he got the invitation from Jeff: “I’d never worked with him before,” Martin said in a 1978 interview that’s been posted on, “but I’d always admired his playing enormously, and I knew his work well. He was always very much a sort of heavy rock, heavy metal guy, but a hip guy — he wasn’t just a basher. But I was quite surprised he approached me because I’d been doing much more soft work, like the group America, than the kind of things he was used to. And for that reason, I thought it was a surprising choice on his behalf. When he did approach me, I was very excited about it. I thought it was a great idea and I looked forward to working with him. In fact, it did work out extremely well.

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I don't remember the exact dates but Beck did tour with Bernard Purdie around 1975. If it looked and sounded like him, it probably was.