My Vintage Ludwig Recording set up.


My recording set up from this weekend past. specs as follows...

1975 Ludwig 'Hollywood' 5pc kit in 'Black Panther' matte vinyl wrap (silver sparkle inlay/wrap on bass drum hoops)

22 x 14 Maple (grey "granitone" coated interior)
13 x 9 tom Clear Maple
16 x 16 floor tom (grey "granitone" coated interior)
Ludwig Supraphonic 402 Snare Drum 6.5x14 w/42 strand Pearl 'I -type' Ultrasound snare wires

Remo Coated Emperor on toms
Remo Coated Vintage Emperor Snare batter (Evans hazy 300 reso)
Remo Coated Emperor Kick batter
Original Ludwig Kick Reso (felt strip on batter only)
14" vintage A Zildjan QuickBeat hats (not pictured)
14" Paiste Rude med/heavy hats (ripped but still sounding amazing)
20" Dream Bliss Crash/Ride
22" Sabian Paragon Ride
22" Dream Bliss Ride

2007 Tama IronCobra single Rolling Glide, Tama 'Chair 1 Drum Throne'. Assorted stands inc Pearl/Yamaha
Sticks- Promark Neil Peart Sig White Oak 747' s

my Mother's.. :)







thanks for the kind words guys, Tommy your Gretch's look rad btw!

The Granitone interiors? from what i have read on here, it may simply have been a touch of creative marketing from alternative, (presumably cheaper) to clear coating as opposed to it providing any real world improvement tonally. If painted interiors made such a big improvement in sound then surely you would see more than the Ludwig Drum Co trying that technique, even today. I certainly think there are other variables involved in your particular tuning/head choice/room acoustics/stick tip/you name it that would make a much bigger diference to the sound. outside of a labratory test environment with all things being equal, i dont personally think there would be any difference between clear coat and 'Granitone'

i can tell you however that as a coating, it lasts very well and mine are showing no signs of chipping etc on what is a 35 year old kit.

if i played with clear heads, aesthetically, it may bother me but as i dont its not an issue personally

i am in no way an authority on vintage gear so i will happily open that one to the floor!


I actually have a 1969 Ludwig kit in champagne sparkle, clear interiors.

I've had several Gretsh kits, but not at the moment.


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Wonderful Kit... can't help myself with the Ludwigs!

How do you like the Dream Cymbals BTW?


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Very very nice set, reminds me of my youth: I perfectly remember an identical kit (same configuration, same color, same wrap) in the small music shop in Northern Italy where I used to buy some sticks. I watched that kit over and over (believe it or not it was stored high on a shelf and it was impossible to play it, at least for a young kid!) but it was by far too expensive for me!

This was around 1975 or 1976! Please no comments!


I have those exact Dream cymbals, my 20" is used as a crash and the 22" is a ride, I also have Dream 14" hi -hats, I love them. How about you?


I have those exact Dream cymbals, my 20" is used as a crash and the 22" is a ride, I also have Dream 14" hi -hats, I love them. How about you?

Ha thats cool Tommy! im a big big fan of the Dreams actually, i started with the 20" and on the strength of that i got the 22" ride as a bigger crash mainly, the dark wash is awesome, exactly what i happened to be wanting. its actually probably the one in my set up i crash most often having got it. Although i mainly use it as a crash, it sounds equally great ( as you already know) as a somewhat 'dirtier' ride at lower volumes so im finding it really versatile at the moment. its got really nice decay and works very well with beaters too.

also,my next hats were to be the 14" Bliss one too as it happens which is spooky! im coming from a vintage pair of Zildjian QuickBeats which still sound amazing but i'd definately want to try the Bliss or even Contact hats whch i believe are a shade heavier and brighter..

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hey man, what actually is that stopping your drums and equipment from sliding away?


hey man, what actually is that stopping your drums and equipment from sliding away?

the white markers are just white duct tape. in the days before we were due to record i wanted to be sure of a consistant set up so i just marked it out, you could argue i used alot of tape but in leiu of a 'proper' drum mat that was my solution. good old tape! the rug has a fairly deep pile anyway so the drums dont move much, especially the kick drum since i removed the rubber on the bottom of the kick spurs, it doesnt budge now...