My Stewart kit and Sonor Floortom/bassdrum demos ( for sale)


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Hey guys. Here are some demo's of a couple of things I have for sale. The first is a 50's or 60's stewart drum kit. The second is a 16x16 Sonor 2005 Birch floortom that I have converted into a bass drum. They are both random solos but you can hear things pretty well. I'm selling these things because I want to get a Yamaha Hipgig Jr. I've played 22's, 20's, 18's, and 16 in bassdrums. I have to say, the 16inch bassdrum is my favourite. Anyways, I also want something that is really great and portable. Anyways, here are two sound clips. . If there is anyone you know who is selling a hipgig, please let me know. I kow they have discontinued the hipgig junior. It's a shame.