My Starclassic kit


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Hey guys. I'm new here. From the Harrisburg PA area. Play southern metal.

This is my Tama Starclassic birch kit. It's a 6 piece but I play it either 1 up 2 down or 1 up 1 down.

From the studio a couple weeks ago:

Better look at the wrap (charcoal silk):

And the 13x6.5 Artwood maple snare I use instead of the above 14x5.5:


I have a 14" x 5 1/2" Tama Artwood Custom snare in my collection and like it a lot. I bought it about three years ago. It's a high quality snare drum for the money.



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How do you like that snare? I'm thinking of getting one.

The Artwood snare that is.
It's fantastic. I haven't touched my Starclassic snare since I got the Artwood. I've got the batter head tuned very tight. It's got a stunning crack with nice body.

You can hear it on here. The audio is the mastered tracks from our EP, not from the camera mic. The sound is pretty close to the actual sound of the drum.

con struct

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This picture is a beauty. I want to play those drums. Nice photography, and lovely drums.

(I also want to hang out in that space. is it heated?)


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I love looking at this kit.

How do you like that Aquarian cymbal spring?
Thank you!

It's fantastic. I've had it on there since the day I bought that china (18" Sabian AAX). I've had that cymbal for 5 years and before I knew any better I really wailed on it harder than I should have. I like to think the spring has a bit to do with why the cymbal isn't cracked.

Bo Eder

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Hey what size is that bass drum? 18? 20? I have a 20 Starclassic Bubinga Elite and it has 10 lugs per head. I've never seen less until now.