My Sonors Special Editions w/HHXs


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Hey guys,

It's my 1st post here so hi to everyone.
I have had these for the last year or so, after selling my Tama Hyper-Drives.

Specs are:

Sonor Force 3007 Special Edition Red Sparkle Burst

22x20 Virgin Kick drum
14x6.5 Pearl Sensitone Bronze Phosphor Snare
10x7 rack tom
12x8 rack tom
14x12 floor tom
16x14 floor tom


14" HHX Stage Hats
16" HHX Evo Crash (x2)
17" HHX Evo Crash
17" HHX Effeks Crash
18" HHX Evo Crash
18" AAX Dark Crash
20" HHX Evo Ride
16" A Custom EFX Crash



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First time I've seen this, & I'm glad I did! What a great looking kit. Nice finish & rack. You certainly like your HHX's, & I can understand why. I've got a few myself, + the same rack setup (2 sides). Nice clear pictures too. Any sound clips? BTW, a big welcome to the forum! KIS.


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Thanks KIS,

I enjoy my HHXs and I try to find good deals on them.
I find the picture quality to be OK but it could've turned out better IMO.


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Nice kit, I like the 3007's great sounding drums, I actually have a set right now that I'm trying to get rid of, not because I don't like them just because I'm trying to upgrade to a high end kit, although the longer the wait goes on to sell them the more I'm thinking i should just keep them.
Nice looking kit enjoy them,



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Sabian HHX... Sabian HHX... Sabian HHX... Zildjian A Custom. Combo breaker!


Gorgeous finish on your Sonor's my friend, absolutely love it!


David Floegel

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Thanks guys! Besides a DB pedal and a few splashes, does anyone else find I am missing something else?
No one can say what you're missing. Only you know what sound you miss.

Anyway, a great set!! Looks really impressive with the Rack and the Black/Red Faded Shells!! Like that a lot!