My Snare Collection


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Behold, all two of them! And budget snares at that. Nevertheless, I love them, especially since I modified them heavily to make them somewhat unique.

First is my primary snare, a nickel-over-brass Worldmax Black Dawg 5x14. I've always wanted a Black Beauty, but could never justify the price. I saw that Worldmax's BB knockoff was getting positive reviews, so I figured it was worth a try at $250. I was very pleased with the sound in stock form, but since I had a set of die cast hoops on hand from my old snare, I gave them a try on the Worldmax and liked the sound even better, so I made the swap. The only thing that was really lacking on the stock setup was the strainer. It was cheap, ugly, and clunky, and the screw for adjusting snare tension was reverse threaded which always annoyed me. So I upgraded with a beautiful RCK throw, and I'm very happy with it. I rounded out the mods with Remo Ambassador heads, Puresound wires, and grosgrain ribbon for snare straps.

My second snare came from a used Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit that I recently acquired and refurbished for practice/small gigs. The size is 5x13 and it's made of mahogany. The shell was stripped and sanded, sealer was applied to the interior and the exterior was re-wrapped. Sound and looks were noticeably improved. Here again I installed Ambassador heads, Puresound wires, and grosgrain straps.


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That world max looks real sweet. The price is very attractive also. I didn't know that they went for that price. I've been wanting a 13" Yamaha Musashi lately, but funds are not there.


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Nice! I'm still working on my snare collection (currently just using a couple Mapex MPX snares - a 14 x 5.5 steel and a 13 x 3.5 steel pic) but just wanted to comment on that Worldmax.


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Thanks guys. The Worldmax is a great value. As I understand it, they make the shells for Pork Pie BOB snares and Ludwig Black Magic snares, but I figured I might as well go directly to the source. Their snare drums come in several different models and trim levels. I got the cheapest, bare-bones version and added my own upgrades.