My snare buzzes if it's not hit dead center...?

If I hit the snare anywhere outside of about a three inch radius from the center of the head, I get this weird "twang" sound from the snare wires. How can I fix this? And if this is normal, how can I more consistently hit the center of the head?


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Not sure what you mean when you say a "twang' sound.

As for hitting in the center, it takes practice. You can trace a small circle, say 3" diameter, on the batter heed, centered of course, and aim for that spot.

But there are more sounds to be gained by hitting slightly to somewhat off center on a snare.


The snare strands probably need to be closer to the bottom head.
If you are using the nylon strip that comes with most snare stands, Don't!!
Use string. Gibralter sells them.

When putting the strands on, losen the throw off completely.
Put the strands on (the thing about the string is you can tie knots so they won't slip)
Get the strands as close the the bottom head as you can with out touching the throw off yet,
Once that is done, turn the knob making the entire throw off bracket move up towads the top head. This will get the strands even closer.
Then put the throw off on.
This should eliminate any "twangs" you hear.

andy petko

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tune bottom head up(very high!!),and than,loose it a little bit.snare wires must be new-it is better to use NEW cheap wires,then use great snare wires in bad condition!!!-this is very head tune medium-medium high,and put some muffling,if you need.both heads need to be new.first tom is the worst enemy,for take some time to tune it.tune both heads the same,eventually bottom higher,but little.if buzz,detune a little one lug,a little.GOOD LUCK and happy drumming!PERSONALLY I dont care,about buzzing.