my Slingerland kit


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My 1 and only kit; 40 year old Slingys. love em!
Well if you're only gonna have one kit, it's pretty damned easy to see why it would be this one. There's just something so iconic about WMP on an old classic set of drums like those. I love 'em too.....fabulous!!


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How could I miss this? Your kit looks fabulous!

I also had a Slingerland kit at the end of the seventies (still have the Gene Krupa snare). Despite the fact that I never was really satisfied with its sound (but I never really learned how to tune it ...), I always loved its look. And still like very much that classic Slingerland style!


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That is a nice kit. It brings back memories. I used to have a 22x14 bass drum and 12x8 and 13x9 toms like that, with the same tom holder. Peace and goodwill.


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I was to play another guy's kit at a jam session a few weeks ago. Not knowing what was waiting for me there I was ecstatic when I walked in to see a kit identical to yours, but with the matching wood snare and it was a 4 piece though, all in white marine pearl.

Afterwards I vowed to get one. It was hands down the sweetest kit I've ever played. Even nicer than my Ludwig club dates. I can see why it's been your only kit.

wy yung

Sensational drums. I have a 1962, 13. 16, 20" kit with a late 60's Sound King. The Sound King is featured in my current thread. The kit is in deep storage as it is mint. There used to be a pic on my old Gear thread.

I adore Slingerland drums.


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Great looking kit. I have a 1971 kit that I still bring out and use at times, however mine needed to have lots of work to bring them back to life.


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I think this should answer the thread, "What's the Appeal of Vintage Drums?" Absolutely gorgeous.