My Refurbished 1970 Ludwigs


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I purchased these 1970 Ludwig's and proceeded to re-wrap and re-finish the interiors. The drums originally had the bowling ball wrap but the wraps were all defective and cracked. I applied new lugs where required and applied new 1/2 curved spurs and brackets on the bass drum. I also made a 14 x 14 floor tom and applied re-rings and finished the interior as well as drilled the shell, cut the bearing edge and applied all new hardware with gaskets.

20151003_215757 (1024x576).jpg

20150918_180856 (576x1024).jpg

20150907_160835 (576x1024).jpg

20150907_160755 (576x1024).jpg

20150918_180824 (576x1024).jpg

20150918_180840 (576x1024).jpg

20151003_215739 (1024x576).jpg

20151003_215710 (576x1024) (576x1024).jpg

20150918_185643 (576x1024).jpg



Matt Bo Eder

Beautiful job! Those drums will look great for another 60 years!


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Is that bass originally a virgin or did you end up plugging the hole?

I like the wrap. What was the original wrap? Cortex?


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Looks great. You should shoot some pics in some better lighting at some point. Then I bet this kit would really pop.


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Is that wrap from Bum Wrap? If so, did you use the edge/end of the wrap adhesive or did you use adhesive all over the shell? Just curious what your thoughts are on the wrap - assuming it's from Bum Wrap that is. Great job btw!