My Problems with Housing and Marching


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I don't expect this thread to yield much advice, since it's kind of a tricky situation, but I thought I'd post about it anyway since there's quite the wise group here.

After working hard and waiting a long time to actually make an audition and the ensemble with it, I finally got into a drumline after high school, specifically Towson University's. There's nothing wrong with it at this point except for the part where I live two hours away and there would be three rehearsals a week and a show every friday, and occasionally on saturday as well. Given that schedule, driving back and forth from Towson all the time would be unhealthy, economically unsound, and a lot of time and stress. If I can make the rehearsals, then I keep my spot that I got the first time I had ever played with this line and all is peachy.

My only feasible resort is to relocate, and even that's an extremely shaky plan seeing as I have no job, no money, and no place to stay that's farther north. It's my only option if I want to march, and I really, really want to march, very badly.

I've considered finding a place to stay in Towson, or Baltimore proper, or Annapolis, but I have no idea where to begin or what options I'd have or how long exactly I'd be able to or have to stay there, and how much it might cost, and how I'd get my own car, and how I'd pay for gas, and...

It's just one big clusterfuck, and it has the potential to ruin a lot for me. I'm lost.