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Hi guys. Most of you guys know me from my numerous posts in the Drum and Cymbal area constantly asking for advice concerning all things acoustic. While I've been playing electronic kits for about 5 or 6 years now, I've been mulling over purchasing an acoustic set now for what seems like a year. About 8 months ago, I found a killer deal on some Sabian AAXs on Craigslist and since then have been tossing around the idea of matching them up with a great drums. I finally did it. Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale.. Killer deal, so I did it.

And here's what I got...

I've really got to thank everyone here for helping me out so much. All your advice really helped me in making what I feel is a decision I will live with for years and years and years.

Edited to show current set-up.


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Congrats! You won't regret the choice!
That is just a beautiful setup without a doubt, I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks.

BTW you always need more cowbell.

Glad to hear the snare is coming around with the new head. I have the same set as you do and I have tried a few head configurations and the G2 over G1 seems to really sound the best (from what I have tried). IMHO. I will give the EC1 a try on the snare, thanks for the info and update. Looks great!!
That's a nice looking kit. Good drums, and a lot of good cymbals. I'm happy for you. Enjoy.
I prefer as open and resonant of a sound as I can get. I like a coated G1 or ambassador over a 300/Amb snare side head on the snare. Clear Ambassadors on the toms top and bottom. PS3's on the bass drum. Everything wide open except for an Evans eq pad in the kick and 1/2 moon gel on the snare on occasion when I am recording


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Ya know I have been trying different head combos and I would have to agree with that. I like the open resonant sound also. I don't know, I guess I just like to hear the drum and tune it kinda like a guitar so to speak. The 2 ply heads just don't have the same sound but I like them too. That's whats cool about music regardless of what instrument you play, it's personal and you can be you. Thanks AudioWonderland again great setup!!!
I really like your cymbals. The drums are good too. Peace and goodwill.
I dig it. My first "real" kit was a Pacific CX series in the early 2000's. Great drums, sounded just like real DW's!
Nice Peart-like setup! Looks like a blast to play!
How does the tymp-tom flow into the other (i assume 8") toms?
Also been debating a similar setup, but i 'only' have 3 rack toms (8, 10 & 12) and can't find a matching 13" tom. So a tymp-tom might be a good solution :)