My PASIC Experiance (and my 1000th post)


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Wow what an experience. I had the opportunity to attend this years PASIC convention since it was here in Austin.

The first thing I noticed was the cool vibe. You could feel it in the air. Almost everybody there was a drummer. I was great to see them, old and young alike. There were high school kids that were there during school hours because it is considered an educational event.

There was one section that was all of the vendors, there was some really nice gear and some great deals to be had. I did not buy much, a book and a few T shirts.

There were some really well know drummers walking around as well.

For me the best part was the clinics.

I saw so many amazing drummers here is who I saw:


Gavin Harrison:

He did a great clinic playing along to some Porcupine Tree tracks and a few others.
He was very personable with a great sense of humor. He explained what he was doing as well as telling some great personal stories. His playing was nothing short of amazing. His fluidity through all kinds of time signatures was what I think struck me the most.
They just felt great!

Steve Ferrone:

He was very funny as well. Seemed very comfortable just shooing the breeze with us.
He then played with a couple of recorded tracks but the real treat was when he brought up some local players that he knows and has recorded with.
I am sorry I do not remember all of there names, the vocalist was Malford Milligin
It was fantastic, and among all of the amazing technical drummers I saw it gave me hope for those of use who are better at grooving then flash. It was very inspiring


Dafnis Prieto:

I will try to put into words this amazing experience. His playing was beyond amazing. His ability to layer various Latin / afro cabin and much more seamlessly was astounding. The pure joy in his face was infectious. His demeanor was so sincere and his love for music was undeniable. All I can say is if you have not yet, you will be do yourself a true disservice if you do not check this amazing player out.

Phantom Regiment Percussion Section:

WOW, these people were fantastic, all those drummers simply nailing all their parts.
Quiet a spectacle!

Seven Antonopoulos:

Undoubtedly the hardest hitter I have seen in a long time. He played along with some of his bands track. The theatrical aspect of his playing was very entertaining. He really was in character as he played, more like an actor playing a part then just straight drumming. A real ball to watch

Ray Luzier:

This guy is an animal, chops, grove, odd time, he does it all.
I was blown away with his playing, all I can say was it was a real treat to see.
He was very funny when he was interacting with the crowd. He played to a Tool medley and had a change to really cut loose and show his stuff.

Ray and Seven got on the stage at the same time, it was very entertaining to say the least

Well they saved the best for last; I sat in the front row to see the great Roy Haynes.
I was completely blown away. He had 3 young guys playing with him. Bass, Keys and Sax. Now I have to say he is now 83 years old and he played with the same fire I saw the young guys play with all day. His band was perfect, his playing flawless and his soloing was incredible. You could tell he was stepping it up a notch or two by the look on the bands’ faces. This was no laid back soloing; it was on fire amazing chops all out furry on the drums. And he was so cordial to all of us; you could tell he loves what he does to this day. He is a true gentleman.

He was so inspiring I am starting Jazz lesson Saturday


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I envy your experience. I saw Ray Luzier and Steve Ferrone at my local drum store on two separate occasions and they are exactly as you described them. Steve and I talked about football, the British kind, and he was very down to earth. Ray has great chops and I got some great photos of him playing and his facial expressions are never ending.