My old band, a few years ago


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Thought i'd upload a few songs from my old band recorded about 3 years ago. Let me know what ya think!


  • The Curse.mp3
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  • Sticks And Stones.mp3
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  • Mind over matter.mp3
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Although rock, not really my vibe. That said, I found your stuff strangely attractive! Nice drumming for the song. I especially like the interplay between kick drum & bass. A touch of heavy funk creeping in that lightens the feel in a pleasing way.


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Thanks Keep! Glad to hear you say that since that's exactly what we were going for.... funk/rock. Our band was called "Funkyard". The bass player is a very good friend i've had for several years, we've always been pretty tight musically.


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Well, as soon as i get a video camera, and figure out how to sync it with my recording gear, i'll post a video! They seem to get more feedback :)