My new Yamaha kit


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So, this is my newly bought kit. Just got the 13" tom today, so decided to take some pics. Normally I don't get to play this kit at my home, too close to neighbours, but since I got a gig coming up, I wanted to set everything up as I haven't used this rack for a while and wasn't sure I had all the pieces I needed for it... But appearently, I did :). So here are some specs, and pics:

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak in UZU Magma finish
22"x18" bassdrum, 10"x7" tom, 12"x8" tom, 13"x9" tom, 16"x15" floortom
14"x5,5" Tama Starclassic Maple snare in Flat Deep Green finish (sounds incredible, but almost regret buying it now, lusting for a Recording Custom Aluminium or Brass. My OCD is probably kicking in there, would like to have a "clean" Yamaha setup... :p Maybe in the future). All original heads (Emperor Clear over Ambassador Clear, PS3 clear on bassdrum). except Evans ST Dry over Hazy 300 on the snare.

14" Paiste 900 Sound-Edge Hats (also have 15" 2002 Sound Edge Hats but like to swap them around, both sounds incredible)
22" Paiste 2002 Rock Bell Ride
18" Paiste 900 Series Crash (sometimes use a 18" Rude Thin Crash here)
19" Paiste 900 Series Heavy Crash
18" Paiste Rude Novo China (got a 20" 2002 Novo as well)
10" Meinl Byzance Splash
10" Zildjian Oriental China Trash

Gibraltar curved rack with extension, for the most part Pearl cymbal arms, Pearl Eliminator Redline beltdrive doublepedal w/Trick driveshaft, Tama Stagemaster hihat stand, Mapex throne.

Really happy with the drums, but thinking about swapping out the rack with 4-5 solid stands. The rack works if the kit is mainly at one place, but gets tiresome to bring to gigs. Considering saving up for a second bassdrum next year, if money (and space) allows....


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Wow ..... what a beautiful rig. Spectacular finish on those Yammies !!!!!!


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Wow ..... what a beautiful rig. Spectacular finish on those Yammies !!!!!!
Agree... I just completely fell for the grain pattern with that color. I guess it might be one of those that you either love or hate, but in a metal setting, I doubt it can go wrong. :p


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I like the 3 up 1 dn setup. Nice kit! Enjoy! (y)
Thanks, yeah I've found out over some time now that I prefer that setup, with or without a second bassdrum. Another floortom is allright but I rarely ever use it, the stuff we play in our band goes pretty quick and I hate to reach that far behind. So 3 up, 1 down is my favorite tom setup :).
She's a beauty!
Do you have to go through the window to get to it?
Haha, well this is only temporarily, usually this kit (sadly) lives in bags, I just had to set it up for now before an upcoming gig, was not sure that I had everything I needed hardware-wise. So I had an excuse to set it up, I remove the hi-hat to get in. However I can't play it, too close neighbours around here. Quite tempting right now though :p. I think I need to move to a more secluded house...
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Beautiful kit. Yes, yours is the color I would have if I had the money.
I'm interested in how it sounds live on stage with the band.
Please let us know how it sounds.
(I own the older Yamaha Live Custom)



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I tried out the toms recently, brought it to our practice area and replaced the Stage Custom toms with them, for some fine tuning and got to play with them for a while. Sounded awesome, the whole band was pretty much noticing a big difference over the Stage Custom Birch toms at least... But I have not played the older version so it's hard for me to tell. Sounds great on every review I've seen on YT videos though.


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What a beauty :love: Just can't go wrong with anything from Yamaha. I need to play mine more :)


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Looks beautiful! Nice to see another new Hybrid Oak player! I can't imagine having two of the bass drums, when i pick up my single I feel like Atlas :D


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Haha, yeah the bassdrum is a monster. Might persuade me to stick with one. I will drop the rack if I go with another BD though, so it will save some lugging time. But yeah, heavy stuff...