My new Yamaha Dave Weckl signature snare!


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Hurray! I just bought a almost brand new Dave Weckl sign. snare for about 500 dollars.. In norwegian currency it was around 3000nok-.
It has an awsome sound, you can tune it low and fat or crank it high and funky with an awsome ring. And it still has that good old maple sound...
Enjoy the pics..



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Looks great! How does it sound with the rest of your kit?


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drumminjohn; so smooth! My brother (bassist) said it was the best sound snare he had ever heard!

And Karl, I think it is an older version og the maple coustom yes... The new dave weckl snare are 14x5,5.. this one is 14x5.. 6ply maple it is. The sound is like a canon! a warm smooth canon! It got an amazing crack but it is so warm at the same time.. An the ghost notes are amazing..


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hey nice snare! what kind of music are you playing with that? That must sound amazing!


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$500!!!!!!!!?????? Amazing deal! They usually go for about 800-1000 over here. Excellent snare. My favorite part about it is the small gold lugs. And yes it is the older maple custom signature line indeed.


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Am I seeing two sets of snares??


The Weckl signature snares have two strainer sets... One with stainless steel snare wires tensioned semi-tight for a crisp dry sound, and a second with carbon (or bronze if you prefer) snare wires for a looser, wetter sound.. You can go from one to the other mid-song without having to change snares..

They're pretty cool....


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Congrats Wega!

I've loved mine... They are so sensitive...

I may sell mine though... I doubt it will see much use in the future, and I'd hate to let it just sit and gather dust...


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Hey wegadrummer,
Your snare looks the bomb with the rest of your kit wow !
The good news for me is I've just today picked up the exact same snare drum....
The only bad news other than it needing a good clean up is that I need to replace both of the snare wires.
Any tips on replacements and where to get them?
Will puresound 14 x 14 strands go with this snare or will they be too wide.
I dont Know if you can answer any of these questions, but I thought it may be worth a shot.

The main thing got a great deal on your snare..looks good...cant wait to hear it in its full glory.


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I bought the 13" from a friend a few years ago. I've recorded and gigged with it and have always enjoyed it. I too am in need of one of the snare wires. It's never had both snares as long as I've owned it. Yamaha was of no help when I contacted them. My friend has already tried non-yamaha snares and they put holes in the drum head. Anyone sell a relatively thin snare wire?


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Beauty of a drum.

I've been looking through the Yamaha Catalog for the last month and the two snare drums that I want most far........are the Akira Jimbo .............and the very one you got there buddy!

That is one heck of drum. I love the look of it.

Happy drumming!


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Beautiful looking drum, bet it sounda as good as it looks too!