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I'd say there's still some work with regards to things like dynamics etc. but after 2 years that's really impressive. Go for studying at college if it's what you want to do but seriously consider your options for being a professional drummer first. College might not be the best choice for you. Search the forum. there are some great threads with people in similar situations.


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Two years not bad. As far as making a career out of it I say go for it you have to follow your dreams. I am 40 and have been playing for 30 years. and I still am trying to do it for a living. I do some session work play in a band and sub for other bands. I still have my day job and a wife and kids. I guess what i am trying to say is have a back up plan get a realalistic degree and a music degree and stay grounded other wise you will set your self up for disapointment. There are alot of killer drummers out there that are just as good as the guys you see on DWs web sight. The studio seen is what you know and who you know.
Go for it I still am.


Thanks to you.
My "dream" if you want is to do clinic all around the world like Dom Famularo or, I don't know, Thomas Lang. For me it would be the top. So I don't know about programs that exist in music. What is it good for? (I'm not sure if this sentence is correct)

Thanks to give some more opinion or information on this, via link or anything else!