My new Trick drums


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Sweet JJ (man, my fingers want to type Jim!!!).

Blue sparkle looks very cool indeed. I'm not all that familiar with Trick drums....what makes then stand out to you above all others? What are the specs?

Well dealt mate!


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Well gentlemen,

I've been wanting Trick drums for well over a year now. They are quite pricey, so I had to save up for them. Finally, last November I pulled the trigger and ordered this kit. What sold me on them you ask? The sound of them. I'll do my best not to sound like a commercial, but here are a few facts I found interesting:

Yes they are aluminum. All the shells are 1/8" thick. The drums descend tonally in a perfectly pitched separation. The only thing affecting the tone from drum to drum is the increase in depth and diameter. On my wood kits, there's always one drum that's difficult to tune, because wood drums are organic, and wood drums are created of multiple veneers that differ in hardness and moisture content. Those ply's are glued together, and all that variation affects each shell differently, tone wise.

The Trick shells sing with a pure resonance that sound like other drums AFTER being recorded and EQ'd. They actually sound warmer than wood. Also, the finish is powder coated, and baked on, and is as tough as the shell itself. The finish I chose is called Illusion Green Sparkle. In the photos it kind of appears as a blue-green color.

Here's the spec's: (diameter first)

22x18 Bass
12x10 Rack tom
14x14 Floor tom
16x16 Floor tom
14x6 Snare

I also got Trick's double pedals. They are direct drive with compression springs. Smooth, fast and accurate. This is truly my dream kit!
I am more than happy to answer any and all questions. Thanks for looking.



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Can we get head specs and some audio clips maybe?

I've been very curious about Trick drums for a while but its near impossible to find audio samples of their stuff...


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The guys at the drum shop I ordered my drums from say that Tricks sound good with what ever heads you prefer. So, I ordered my drums with my heads of choice: Remo Emperors for all the batters, and Remo Ambassadors for the reso's. Except the bass, where I like Aquarian Superkick 1's.

Well, I got what I wanted, but Trick only stocks Remo and Evans, so they put Evans Emad's on the bass.

It might be awhile until I record them in my home studio, but in the meantime there's some on Youtube. This should get you started:

The audio gets better about a minute and a half into this video. Personally, I didn't make up my mind until I heard them live at the drum shop where I got them.


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That's my problem, there's no good drum shops around here really... and I doubt I'd ever get a chance to sit behind one of these.

I'm thinking sometime in the far off future my next kit will be custom and it will either be a Trick or Unix kit.