My new TEST DISC Drum and Percusssion 24/96 Recording


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Hi Everyone,

Please allow me to let you in on some very exciting news that is not directly associated with my other 'day job' at After nearly two decades of being away from the recording studio I have released a new album! This solo venture is of drums and percussion and was recorded digitally in very high resolution with no overdubs and using only a pair of microphones. This recording was done using 100% battery power and all the usual audiophile standards. You can learn more about this on the website.

The new album titled THTST is now available for download in high definition 24-bit/96kHz FLAC, 16/44.1 or 320kbs mp3 format from HDtracks. After many years of hiatus this is my first venture back into the studio as it were and I hope you enjoy the music. Once you hear the album I welcome your feedback as there may be a follow-up that better focuses on certain periods or genre of percussion and drums.

You can purchase the album now by clicking the link on the home page

PS: The first person to guess what the album title means will receive a very special prize.

Thanks and enjoy the music,

Steven R. Rochlin