My new project (audio)


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Last Thursday my buddy and i started a project entitled the living room sessions. All songs are composed, played and produced by us in my living room. I will keep updating this thread about it. For now i hope you will enjoy our harvest of this week.

This is where i live.

Download the attachments or listen to the streams:


Grass Funky



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I am quite happy with the result from a music-fan perspective. I kept the drums as simple as possible, which is to my opinion your best bet with this type of music. I am curious about the reviews from the drummers here about the (sound of) the drums.
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It's hard for me to tell about the drums sound since I am only hearing the snare and maybe a bit of bass. The first song seems more blues to me than funk, and the second is very close to the first. To be very critical the guitar needs more than just 2 chords. It is going nowhere. Somewhat stagnant.


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Thanks for listening. The fact that you hear no bass tells me you listened to the songs over laptopspeakers, is that right? I mean, when i play it on my system the bass is all in my face and if you don't hear that you miss out on a great part of the music.


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I can hear a lot of bass too. It's true your playing is very simple, but it is accurate, so it's ok!


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Thank you roco! My playing is indeed simple and i like simplicity in food too so i guess i am just a hungry drummer! ;)