My new personnal Website!



I always love to do website. I just decided to update mine recently. If you have any suggestions on new section that I should add or spelling errors to correct( because I speak french usually) don't be shy to tell them to me. Now I should put more time on my drumming than on my website!


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Hey Sébastien,

Looks pretty good. Nice drumming too! A couple things I would change. I'd have the intro read like this:

Welcome to my web page. Here, you can keep up to date with my drumming activities and view my latest videos.
And on the About Me page, I'd separate the info by line, like this:

Name: Sébastien Lachapelle
Age: 17 years old
Interest: Percussion
School: Cégep de Joliette (In August)
Program: Double DEC in Science and Music

Favorite bands:

* Dream Theater
* Iron Maiden
* Children Of Bodom
* Mudvayne
* Tool
* System Of A Down

Favorite drummers:

* Thomas Lang
* Mike Portnoy
* Dom Famularo
* Gavin Harrison
* Dennis Chambers
(Note the 's' in Dennis Chambers.)

Finally, on the Contact page, I would separate your initials to another line, or just remove them, so they don't get mixed in with the email address. Also, you can hyperlink it if you want to with this code:

<a href="">


Thanks a lot boomstick! I will correct these errors as soon as I can. I have already notice the listing problem in About me. If you check it in Internet Explorer you'll see it like a list. Browsers don't display everything the same way. It's the same problem for the initials in the Contact section. I have to fix it too.

Thanks again!


Browsers that follow the standards display things the same way (except for a few minor things). Then there's IE that ruins everything, as usual.

Please, please, PLEASE don't use IE. Thanks from a web developer that has spent too many hours trying to fix stuff for that stupid browser.. :)

Btw the BR tags are wrong. It's <br/> not </br>.