My New Oriollo Cast Bell Bronze Snare!!!

mike d

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Finally, a batch of OriCast hoops produced. Not cheap compared to some common hoops, but very affordable compared to Tama's (used) BB hoops ...
Can I purchase just a hoop? I couldn't find them on your web site.


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^^ Hopefully, the customer will record it. I too would like to hear it recorded.

Thanks! Yes, 13x7 would be possible.
And a 12x7?

I own a 12x7 block that sounds close to a 14” and I was thinking to have a more powerfull snare for live appliances.


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Kicking myself for missing out on a lovely Oriollo Aluminium snare drum on eBay... went for £271 I think whilst I was cooking dinner!


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We built a lot of these and for good reason. They sound absolutely incredible!

Oriollo Bellmaker 80 Full Edition. 14x8 seamless cast bell bronze with matching hoops.