My New Mapex Meridian Maple

Hey guys, I ended up buying a males meridian maple 5 piece shell pack in midnight steel. I absolutely love it. I will post pics soon. Thanks guys for helping me choose my new drumset.


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Congrats! I just picked up a Mapex Saturn set yesterday as well although it is coming in the mail. I found it on Amazon for around $700. I just checked the meridian line but they don't seem to be quite as cheap. This one is $699 which seems about the same as musiciansfriend and other places. There is a 15% off sale going on right now at musiciansfriend. Hopefully you got in on the sale.
Congrats! I've always wanted a Saturn, maybe one day I suppose. I got mine at mass music. It was about $800 and it came with a free throne. I needed one; the old Pearl throne was breaking. Haha
Congrats dude! :)
I've played several Mapex kits. Saturns being a favourite, my old drum teacher has a pimped out Mapex Saturn with gold lugs and it sounded amazing!
My school has a Mapex M-Pro (Meridian Maple) in Midnight Steel. I really like the colour of it too!

I also have a limited edition Meridian Maple in Rootbeer Sparkle (Saturn finish, in my display picture). Best thing I've ever bought in my life! Not to mention the add-ons... This kits a dream!

Great choice of kit! Enjoy it :)