My New Ludwigs Baby!


First time poster. I found the "show off your ludwigs" thread, but it looks pretty old, so I figured I'd throw my kit on here for some lovin/hatin.

1999 Ludwig Classic Maple, Champagne Sparkle
26x16" kick
13x10" tom
16x16" floor tom

Zildjian Cymbals
15" A Sweet hats
18" K Medium Thin Dark crash
22" A hollow logo medium-heavy ride
20" A. Zildjian & Cie crash/ride

Snare drum is an 80's Sonor 14" D 505 5.75 Ferra Manganese with Pure Sound wires and Pearl Mastersound Die Cast hoops (emp x batter and ambass. hazy res)

Set up pretty warm with all coated emperors bat / ambassador res. Kick has 2" felt on batter w/ falam and 2.5" on resonant w. no relief holes (pic shows factory heavy reso. w 7" hole cut).

Thinking ab going to a set of 14" quick beats, or replacing my cracked 15" sweet top with a 15" K light. Any suggestions?

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I've never heard of sweet hats, Are they really washy or something like the sweet ride?

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I Love the Power Glove, It's so Bad.



Hahha yea dude, classic. Took it from that movie with fred savage back in the day. The Advantage? I can't remember...

Anyway, yes the Sweet hats were introduced with the sweet ride, kind of like the Armand series. Unfortunately, the hats got axed. Anyway, it's a thin top with a medium bottom. Very sloshy, hendrixy kind of feel. I love em and would probably buy another pair if I found them, but I figure when cymbals break it's a good opportunity to try something new.

SO, replace the cracked sweet top w a 15" k light?

Or a set of 14" quick beats?