my new kit! videos, pics


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Hey guys so last Saturday my band played in a Christmas show my city does every year and we had a blast! I played my ddrum kit for the first time live and i must say im in love! I have played a lot of high end kits from starclassics, yamaha maple customs,dw to pearl masters and let me say for the money i payed for the kit ($599 in ebay) ddrum has nothing to envy them. Here are some pics and a video, please tell me what you think of them.

Ddrum Dominion maple pocket kit (snow sparkle)

bd: 20x20 (aquarian sk1 batter and ported fyberskin on reso,without any muffling) never used a fyberskin reso in my life, i bought one and to make it short and sweet, im not going to put anything in my reso unless its a fyberskin. It has a nice full sound and its LOUD! if you can notice on the video it seems like someone tripped over the bass drum mic and its pretty far away from the bass drum but yet you can still hear a good full sound.

12x8 tt
16x12ft both with clear g2's over clear plus
13x7 snare (stock heads) it will be replaced soon.

any questions let me now and as always sorry for my horrible english