My new Gretsch drums


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Beautiful.. LOVE the color.
(I had a yellow drumset..way back in the Im missing it again)




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Wow! I'm glad they were everything you hoped for!
When the sound in your head comes out of something, it's pretty magical.
Have fun!!!


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Absolutely gorgeous! My wife said they are pretty.

Yellow looks good on drums. It's a weird color on most stuff, but beautiful on drums. Can't wait to hear them.


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Turns out they WERE on my front porch. Glad they got to you safely !
As already mentioned, yellow does look good on a kit.
Have fun, and don't baby them, play the things.


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Wow! Those are amazing. Man, I could just sit and stare at those, like all day. Congrats Larry, I'm super happy for you!


"Uncle Larry"
(Said in my best sing-songy voice) Larry's got a new squeeze.

I'll bet 5 bucks he's spending the entire weekend getting to know his new honey.

He probably slept inside the bass drum last night, curled up like a cat.

I wonder if he changed his screensaver to the Yellows.

I hope he doesn't turn into an asshole now that he has these great drums.

I mean he hasn't said word one. I guess we're yesterday's news. Well have a nice life asshole !

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