My New Gretsch Brooklyn Series Drums


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Hey all, I just purchased these new Gretsch drums yesterday. I haven't recieved them yet but I'm counting the days. They are scheduled to arrive on my doorstep next Thursday or Friday. I have been researching this series since I first saw them last January at the winter NAMM show. I played on a set there at the show and they sounded great and I said to myself that I had to get a set of these whenever possible. I had been looking on Ebay religously but the pricing was just beyond reach until this set popped up. It was priced very reasonably so I jumped on it. I will post more photos after I set them up when I recieve them but for now here are a few shots from the posting....



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Have fun!
Those are some great sounding drums. Comfortable too.
The finish you got is really nice too.


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Congratulations Bob. I like the setup & the finish suits the vibe perfectly.

wy yung

I had a look at a 5 piece kit in that finish today. The wrap was stunning and exuded class. Sadly I was unable to play them. I look forward to your report upon arrival.


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Nice kit. I like everything about it including the set up.
Its good that you found the deal that you were looking for on it.


Looking forward to your review and thoughts after you get them. I would still like try them out myself even with the new addition I just got lol.

Post lots o pics!


Nice looking kit, what is the cost of the brooklyn in relation to the New Classic series? Is that the same gts system that is in the cat's and renown's?


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I really like the Brooklyn series. Is that the Smoked Gray Oyster wrap? Very classy looking.

I would love to score a set of those in the mahogany satin finish.

Enjoy them.