My new DWs in the studio


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Hey y'all! Here are my new DWs, set up in the studio where my one cover band just recorded our new demo.


DW Collector Series drums with a Jazz Series tom mount and ride mount. Black Oyster Glass FinishPly wrap (it is really sparkly under lights, but not in these pics):
16"x20" bass
8"x12" rack tom
14"x14" floor tom with legs
5.5"x14" snare


These are listed from left to right, if you are sitting behind the kit:
14" Zildjian A New Beat Hi Hats
20" Zildjian Ride from 1969 (used as both a crash and a ride)
18" Zildjian Crash from 1973 (a great cymbal to crash-ride on)
22" Sabian B8 Pro Heavy Ride from 1995 (still the best ride I've ever played)
18" Zildjian A Heavy Crash from 2004 (insanely good bell which I use sometimes)


LP John Dolmayan mini-timbales
LP 5 3/4" cha-cha cowbell
Various cymbal stands
Iron Cobra double pedal set up as a single for this session
Iron Cobra two-legged hi hat stand
Tama Limited Edition 1st Chair throne

Enjoy, my friends!!!!!!!!!








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Very nice, how did the recording turn out?

Thanks, man. I'm pretty pleased with it. You can check out the audio at - all of the tracks are from this session. For whatever reason, the producer started "Brick House" half way through the 5-stroke roll at the beginning, so we are getting a new version, but other than that, it works.


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Nice kit. Your recordings are great as well. Your about an hour an a few minutes away from me.


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Due to a major emergency, I need to sell this kit. I am asking $1700, but will go down a bit for DW people. I will also split shipping if I need to ship it. It is in mint condition.

All I am selling is the drums 4 drums, the tom mount, the floor tom legs, and the ride cymbal mount (which is on the bass drum).


for a moment there i thought you were sitting on the drums in that last picture, i said "damn! this guy is a giant!" LOL
Really gorgeous kit... i love the Oyster finish and the sizes are perfect... I'm oficially jealous..