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I started playing vegas on a weekly basis with Esteban. This was my first week. I will be in Vegas every Thursday, Friday and select Saturdays through March and probably further on since the crowds have been amazing. I thought you guys might want to check out the riser. Now this is a drum riser. LOL>


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I've swapped that pic in your orig. post and removed the previous pics.

Yeah, that's an enormously high riser. Very few drummers can say they've been playing on a riser like that.

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It's way cool Joe, once you're up there you're in your own little world, haha.

You don't have any problem seeing what's happening on the stage? It looks like you have some dead angles from the drumming seat.


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Wow Joe. I'm only just getting to this (& your Esteban picture by mail) as I'm only just back from gigging myself, but man, your riser is at least 10 x taller than anything I've ever played on. That's just humongous!!! Is there anything interesting inside it? Like a troop of dancing girls, etc?

Congratulations too on your season booking for Vegas. Sure snagged a great gig there, & I can think of nobody better to get that slot :) BTW, are you using your Guru snare for this gig? I'm just not sure we've tested it for altitude, lol!!!!!

While I'm at it, we wish you a happy, healthy, & contented 2013.

Andy & Dean.


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Holy cow that's a tall riser :-o

Did you have any input on it or did they just say here you go?


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Congrats on the regular gig-

The riser is huge. I would think some people might take it personally like the band doesnt want you around. I see the shield so I guess the volume on stage is carefully controlled?

How do you hear the rest of the band- all IEM?


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Is there an altimeter attached to your kit and do you wear a parachute while you are up there?


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Tell that guy with the hat to get his foot off of your cajon!


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Is there a reason other than elaborate stage setting why you are up that high?

Joe Morris

First of all Bermuda you killed me when I read your post. That was freaking funny!! I just busted out laughing. Good way to start the day. As for the riser I had no input at all, its just the way it is. When i walked into the gig for the first time was just looked up and said "ok". Let me give you the inside scoop on the whole deal. There is a lesson to be learned in here somewhere.

Ok, yes I have an in ear mix up there and its a good one or I would be screwed for sure. There are blind spots up there too and on my gig its a must to see Esteban, I have to see him during the show for cues and he does what he wants when he wants. The toms have clear heads on them so you can look through the drums so its not that bad at all. Not to mention the thing has plexi glass all the way around it, except on the back of course but there are safety ropes so I don't fall off. lol

We headline there on Thursday nights, Friday nights and select Saturdays so obviously we are not the only band playing that room. Another drummer does a show called Nunsense during the day and he has had the gig for over a year or so. Switching drum sets was not even an option. I had to use his drums and he was kind enough to be cool about it. So I had to adapt to the gig and not be a jerk about stuff. Just do the math, his first rack is a 12" my first rack is usually an 8" or a 10". But I will say the kit is pretty easy to play and its sounds fine. I added a few things like some cowbells, cymbals, small percussion toys and a roc & soc throne. I made myself as comfortable as possible. So I just adapted to the situation to make life easier for everyone. If I demanded my own kit and acted like a jerk the crew would hate me and It would have not been cool trust me. Its easier to go into a new gig and make life easier for everyone. As far as my guru snare drum making the trip to be honest I doubt it. We start playing at 8:30. Another act finishes at 7:30. I have 15 minutes until the doors open at 8 to get it together. I play the drums exactly as the other drummer so I don't move his stuff all around. I just add my stuff that I mentioned and its show time.

Other than that I actually really like it up there. I have my own little world and no one can rest their drinks on my riser. LOL I hate that. So like I said I have a good in ear mix up there so its cool. To be honest the hardest part about the gig for me is going up and down that dam ladder.


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So I am seeing a three piece band. Keyboard guy plays left hand bass or pedals? Does the Flamenco dancer follow you or do you have to catch him here and there? I sense doing shows with a percussive dancer may pose some conflicts of who is in charge of the rhythm. Our band in the eighties used to get a kick out the Estaban info-mercials. Drunk rock musicians at four in the morning are easily amused.


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Joe, please PM me your address... I'd like to send you a pallet of kleenex for all the nosebleeds you probably get up on that riser. ;)