My new beauties: 24" Zildjian A Medium Ride and 14" New Beats


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Well, not much to say... Just...

How to describe that unique, beautiful feeling you get when you come home carrying a nice new cymbal? :D

As a Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins' fan, I always wanted to try a 24" A Med.. And New Beats... well, what can you say about them, they're the standard when it comes to hi-hats. You just can't go wrong with them.

Maybe some of you could help me out identifying when they were made? I'm guessing late 90's, early 2000's.


24" A Medium Ride
This ride weighs around 4.200 grams and it's a freaking MONSTER. Just look at it on the kit, haha.
It has plenty of wash and it's actually really crashable (yeah, I know it looks like it's not) but it is, and yet it holds a nice defined ping, a good bell and it's very warm sounding.

I also own a 20" K Ride and a 21" A Rock and this A Med sits almost exactly in the middle between those two. More ping, less wash and higher pitch than the K, and less ping, more wash and darker pitch than the A Rock Ride.

So yeah, I'm building myself quite a nice ride sound palette. :)

14" A New Beat hi-hats
This pair of New Beats weighs: top: 1200g, bottom: 1400g. They sound much more tight, focused and controlled than my A Mastersounds. They are darker sounding and have less volume and cut. They blend more than the Mastersounds, they're not so high-pitched and cutting.

They're really very versatile hats. Their "chick" sound seems to complement every ride the same way, very discretely and nicely.

So well, I'm really happy with them. Here some pics for you guys. I hope you like them.

Cheers! :)



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Very nice. I don't see how any cymbal that big could be considered a medium anything. Kind of like jumbo shrimp. I have the same hats now thanks to a trade with another forum member. Very nice.


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Hey, thanks a lot man.
I think the Medium comes because of the weight, not the size, but of course I understand what you say, it's not the most versatile cymbal around, hehe.

This weekend I'll be recording some comparisons for you guys and make you guess which is which! Should be fun.