My name is BradGunnerSGT, and I have GAS!


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So I thought that I had overcome my GAS. At the end of 2013, I had finally settled down to enjoy my drums and hardware and be happy with my configuration....and then disaster struck.

It all started with the kick pedal. I've had a Sonor Perfect Balance pedal for about a year and while I love the portability and the feel of the pedal, it can be a little cranky to attach to the bass drum (I've had it start wiggling out of place in the middle of the gig and had to reach down and shove the top of the pedal to get it to tighten up to the hoop).

I picked up a Gibraltar G-Class single pedal in January, but I didn't get to really play on it right away. It felt good in the store but that didn't translate to actually playing it on the kit. I just felt like the G-Class didn't "feel well" under my foot, no matter what various spring tensions, beater angles, etc that I tried. It's also a pretty heavy beast to carry. I keep it in my "go bag", an old laptop backpack with my pedal, sticks, in-ears, song charts notebook, etc and the pedal adds a lot of weight to the bag.

So this thread from a couple of months ago coincided with the following: my upcoming birthday, me thinking about getting a double pedal to work on my foot independence, and my guitarist and bass player suggesting we add a couple of songs to the setlist that don't need a double pedal but that would be easier with one. I can also use it for song endings, etc. I played a double pedal a long time ago but sold it off for reasons.

I started thinking about my options, and I was leaning toward the DW3000 or 5000. I wanted to pick a double pedal that:
  • was decent quality (so no $79 Sound Percussion pedal that falls apart after a few gigs)
  • had a good "single pedal" feel (since I will be just using the master pedal 99% of the time!!)
  • doesn't weight 30 pounds
  • DOESN'T COST $400-600!!

I of course wanted to stay away from the sub-$99 crap gear, and Bo's interest in the Demonator piqued my interest. I tested one out at the local GC, on an actual bass drum (not the bouncy rubber pad) and eventually ended up buying a combo pack from Amazon containing the Demonator P-932 double pedals, an H-930 hi-hat stand, and a Pearl drop clutch.

The pedal is nice and solid. The build quality is very good without being heavier than it needs to be. The foot board is billed as a long board but it seems to be shorter than something like a Speed Cobra but longer than a normal foot board. I like that there aren't 50 adjustment points like a lot of other pedals. I'm not after insane BPM, so I don't need to tweak every last thing on the pedal. I set it up, adjusted the beater angle (which also adjusts the height of the foot board) and dialed in the tension a tiny bit, and it felt very good.

Since I'd never tried it with my feet, I ran through the first page of "Stick Control" at 100 BPM with my feet and was able to play through it without any issues. Everything felt right. I also tried something that I heard about in an interview with Derek Roddy, which was to play a "normal" groove with your left foot instead of the right in order to work on your control of your weaker foot. I played a groove and every few measures switched back and forth from my right foot to my left, and the slave felt just as responsive as the master. I think that I will do this on gigs, too, when I'm playing the ride with my right hand, I will play left-footed.

So now I'm selling off the G-Class and probably the Jojo pedal, and sticking with the Demonator. I will probably get a single Demonator at some point that I can keep as the backup (just so everything matches), but for now I have a single-chain "no baseplate" Sonor pedal that I keep in my gig bag for backup purposes and that should be good enough

Also, the hi-hat is a nice piece of gear. Solid, and the feel is superb. The dial for the tension adjustment is very nice. I was (and still am) happy with the Yamaha HS-740 that I've been using for about 9 months, but this one feels comparable and now the foot boards match, which is silly, but it matters to me.

This is kicking my GAS into high gear, though. I had been fighting it during the whole Ludwig Signet discussion and after seeing the kits at GC. I'm glad I resisted because my wife is getting laid off at the beginning of the summer.

I can see myself slipping into GAS-mode and getting a C930 stand to go next to the hi-hat, then another for the ride, and another for the right side crash, and a snare stand, since everything has to match, right? The final straw would be getting an ICON rack again and half a dozen cymbal booms and tom arms to mount everything. I'm even starting to lust after the Pearl Session Studio Classic and that's not a good thing!!

Help me, fellow GASsers! bring me back away from the ledge!


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I just sold my 5000, I have GAS as well... I had 3 double pedals.. and had just sold my old iron cobra haha

I just have these 2 now... sorry if the image is large... I suck at uploading photos

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Forgive my ignorance, and I'm probably going to go 'DUH' when I learn it, but what is GAS? Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Something like that?
Hey so I see you have had the Demon Drives for a while now. Can you do Axis Vs Demons review? I am pretty close to buying some Demons but am not quite sure yet but I use pretty much an identical technique to you for the same kind of music so your input would be worth more than most people's. To me.

I just sold my 5000, I have GAS as well... I had 3 double pedals.. and had just sold my old iron cobra haha

I just have these 2 now... sorry if the image is large... I suck at uploading photos

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