My "main" kit, Saturn IV


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Here is some pics of my main kit, sadly no drivers picture at the moment, but I will update with a picture as soon as I can. It's a Mapex Saturn IV in Cherry Mist Rosewood Burl finish. I simply love this kit, sounds excellent and looks really nice on stage :)

22x18" (x2), 8x7" (the tom in the pics are from my Sonor kit, but I have a Saturn one on order, due to arrive february next year), 10x8", 12x9", 14x14", 16x16". 14x6" Tama Starphonic Bronze snare.

10" + 12" Meinl Soundcaster Custom Piccolo Trash
12" Paiste Signature Flanger Bell
14" Paiste Alpha Boomer Hats (aux)
15" Paiste 2oo2 Sound-Edge Hats (main)
16" Meinl Classics Custom Trash Crash
18" Paiste Rude Thin Crash
18" Paiste Rude Wild Crash
18" Paiste Rude China
22" Paiste 2oo2 Rock Bell Ride
(also have a 17" Paiste Alpha Rock Crash, 19" Paiste 2oo2 Power Crash and 20" Paiste 2oo2 Novo China not pictured)

Tama Speed Cobra singles, Mapex Falcon hihat-stand, Gibraltar rack with Pearl/Tama cymbal boomarms, Pearl snarestand, Tama Widerider throne. Roland TM-2 trigger module with Roland KD2 bassdrum triggers. Heads are Evans EC2 clear on tom batters, Remo Ambassador Clear on tom resos, Evans Power Center Rev. Dot on snare batter, Hazy 300 on reso side, Aquarian Superkick II on bassdrum batters, custom frontheads by (the logo for my band, Mecalimb).

And here is a picture from august, some different cymbals but more or less the same kit:

Just the shells:
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Serious looking kit! Great to see a proper double bass drum kit :)


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Well the concert of which I took the first pics was filmed here (I played with two bands):
(in the last link, fast forward to 25:30 get covers of Testament - Disciples Of The Watch, 30:40 for Slayer - Angel Of Death, or 40:20 for Metallica - Four Horsemen)

But it won't really represent the complete sound you will get out of these drums... It's miced, but through a mediocre PA system at best... Filmed through a Zoom Q2HD.

And thanks for the kind words, once again :). I'm really loving this kit, even though I've owned more expensive kits before (Starclassic Maple, Starclassic Bubinga, Yamaha Maple Custom Absolutes), these Saturns definately have the sound I was looking for. Punchy and darker sounding than regular maple drums, perfect for the cutting "in-your-face" sound we need in my bands type of music (thrash/melodic death metal).

I have also during the last year almost exchanged my whole Meinl setup with Paiste. Some of my Meinl crashes developed a crack in them, and I wanted to try something different after several years just owning Meinl's. I used to be big on Paiste before, and tried out some 2oo2 and Rude models again, and that was my "new sound", all over again :).
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