My Lust Has Been Satisfied!


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Can you tell what it is yet?


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Hollywood Jim

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SUPER !............



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That, my friend, is a time machine. To operate it, whisper the desired date into the vent on the side and start playing.

Protip: Before you leave, double check the current date/time so you know when to come back to. Else, you risk losing a week of your life to it.


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Thanks guys!

And for those that couldn't tell what it was:


Forgive the dodgy iPhone shots - I was down stairs before 0600 this morning unboxing my latest acquisition. Didn't want to stir my good lady who's still fast asleep setting up for some decent shots. Tis now time I took her up a coffee.


Matt Bo Eder

Congrats on the first of many Supras to come?

You won't be complete now unless you get a BlackBeauty, and a CopperPhonic ;)


"Uncle Larry"
BTW, Congratulations Mart. FWIW, My 6.5 Supra is my favorite snare to play, (after Andy's drums) even over my 6.5 BB. The Supra just has a certain something.


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Thanks for the comments. I must admit to being weak willed. Once I "need" something, provided the cost is not extreme, it's going to happen.

I "need" an Aston Martin but, alas, I can't consider the cost of acquisition and ownership to be anything less than extreme. Doh!


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Now I want one - ha ha.

OK - good drums, good cymbals, good snare.
I'd say maybe put further gear lust on the back burner for a while,
and concentrate on the playing.

Hard to do (but not impossible), with all the GAS enablers on the forums - LOL


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Many congratulations! Enjoy!


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Thanks guys. Hardly had chance to play today. Perhaps a little later I'll get some time.


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Thanks guys. Hardly had chance to play today. Perhaps a little later I'll get some time.

You have all the time in the world, don't worry. The world doesn't implode if you can't practise. I bet you're itching, though!


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What the hell took you so long to get that damned drum? I've been following the drama all week long. It's about time!!

Seriously, what a beauty! Late May must be the time to get a Supra... it's when I got mine last year.

Also, Larry's right, Bo is a bad influence; don't listen to him. ;-)


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Very nice Mart. You and I have much in common. Once I get something into my head, I usually take the plunge. When it comes to drum gear, it's never enough, there's always that something else I need / want.
There will come a time when you'll have to sneak new toys into the house.

Here's one trick I've learned. Buy yourself the biggest, cheapest used cymbal you can find, and lean it up against a wall in your drum room. It's not meant to be played, but rather hide nice cymbals you may find along the way. These then subtlety make it onto your kit. If the wife asks, you just say " oh, I've had this for a while dear ".

Remember, it's never enough.