my Ludwig Legacy Classic kit

i picked this kit up at a local Guitar Center. its a used Legacy Zep set. 14x10, 16x16, 18x16 and 26x14 green sparkle. this is a kit i've allways wanted, just never planned to spend the money. well, when this kit turned up used for a realy good price, i pulled the trigger so to speak. i added the Luddy Rocker single tom mount and the bass drum cymbal arm. i allready had the Supra and 2002's in the pics. what a blast to play. this kit just makes me want to find time everyday to play.






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Nice kit. I like the bass drum mounted cymbal holder. I hope you like then, but I prefer smaller sized drums. Peace and goodwill.

mike d

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Great vintage look and color, and I love the big shallow bass drum (reminds me of an old school marching band bass).
Oh, yea, and I also love the snare rack in the background of pic 4. :)


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It's a fine looking kit John....true to form of the "other" John, no doubt. Love the bass drum reso.....nice old school touch there. Lovin' your 2002 collection as well!!

Interested in the tom mount. It's a unique looking bracket. Have seen them in passing, but haven't heard a lotta talk. What are your impressions?
the tom mount is a LR2981MT ludwig rocker 9.5mm single tom which uses the classic style tom/floor tom brkt. what i did different for now was to bolt the tom mount to a Pearl optimount as to not drill the the tom.


I would have to sit on a booster seat to reach the rack tom, lol. Nice kit and I especially like the bass drum cymbal mount, I also opted for one with my DW Classic kit.