My Ludwig Classic Maple Set Has Arrived


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Man my first kit was a Ludwig Blue sparkle and it didn't look half as good as that turquoise-just love it-matches my eyes. That is a mega kit-which is great you can bring all or any combination (10/14, 12/16, 13/16, etc. ) so should meet all your needs forever. The kit all sounds great but the 13 in and 16 in toms really jump out at me. I know you will enjoy it!


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Amazing kit, I like the load of toms ! 4 piece is nice, but 6 or more does rock !
Easy to tune or did you battle with tone interval?


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I purchased my Classic Maples in a similar fashion some years ago. I bought the "Big Beat" configuration in White Marine Pearl—12/13/16/22 and it came with an LM400 snare. The following year, I added a 14 FT and 18 BD. I play them as two four-piece sets, 12/14/18 and 13/16/22. The head choices and tuning for the two are different, so I've never actually set all the drums up at once. I know, I need to do that one day.

Anyway, if that Turquoise Glitter was available back then, I think I would have gone for that. Beautiful.



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Awesome! I’ve got a studio aswell, and they’re a great little device. Once I got my Club Dates to the tuning I really like, I wrote down the tunebot numbers. Now I can experiment all I want, and know that I can make them sound good again. What lug pitches are you using for all the drums, and are both heads even? I really dig how your Classic Maples sound!