My little story (speedcobras, and camco's involved here)


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So after playing speedcobra, deciding it wasn't my pedal, trying dw9000's, flying dragons, axis's, normal iron cobra's, i thought that the iron cobra was my pedal!

unfortunantly i cannot say that because i found myself re-obtaining the speed cobra. i found an amazing setting for myself, which wasn't too far off the factory defaults. i actually noticed this setting after borrowing a friends DW9000 pedal...

all i changed was i made the beater back off the head more, and raise the foot board a bit.

so yeah. i'm back on speed cobras. I've also heard rumors that they will be making a speed cobra hi-hat.

also tama are re-releasing the camco pedal as a limited edition! i'm also going to pick one of these up for my practice kit. my first teacher had one and i remember it was the most amazingly simple, yet perfect feeling pedal.


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i hear great things about the old camcos , ive never gotten the chance to try one, but i know gene hoglan has been using the same set of camcos for 25 + years.


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I've played on Camco for over 20 years. Sweet pedal and a great feel. I still have it but switched to a DW 5000 double. I have the Camco as a backup just in case.


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I thought Drum Workshop owned the rights to Camco and that's how they ended up with the round lugs on their drums. Can anybody clarify this?


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Tama bough the rights to the pedals (blueprints) and the Camco name. DW got everything else (inventory, equipment).