My Library Lends Musical Instruments


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That is very cool! Heck yea, and someone should donate some drums. Heck I will, my pinkish drums are just sitting there :(....

If its near Baltimore, they can have them.

See that? I just "Larry'd" felt good, Id do it again, now I need some new drums.


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I just noticed that my library is going to start lending musical instruments. The program sounds kind of like this one:

I'm stoked, looks like they will even have some percussion toys.

Just when I was about to give up on culture in my area.
You don’t happen to live within the St. Louis County library system, do you?

I recently noticed the instrument loan in our area as well. I’ve always said our library system seems to be the best I’ve ever experienced.


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I live in Maryland, Montgomery county.

I think musical instruments are cool, and I hope it stimulates some people to have fun, but I hope they start carrying sheet music books. That would be more useful IMO. Though, I totally want to check out a ukulele and mandolin to play with.

It also seems like a band organizing opportunity. I remember seeing chess club flyers hidden in the games section of the library.