My Latest video: Find You by Zedd


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Good job. I liked the way you were playing one hand on the ride and the other on the hats, at the same time. It sounded good.


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I'm not really a fan of drum covers, but yours was great! Good musical choices - just enough notes to give it energy. Tom sounds got in the way a little, but that's a minor tech point.

I enjoyed that :)


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Thanks everyone for the comments! I appreciate it!
@Keep It Simple: I agree. I'm learning miking techniques and the drums were running a little hot as well as needing their angles adjusted. I also changed heads from these Remo Emperor Ebony's that were a bit worn to some new Remo Fiberskyn FD Diplomats. The toms really opened up now with a lot more attack!


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Got a really nice response from Bernie Schallehn, writer for Modern Drummer Magazine, on my video.

Gina, you asked for my feedback on this tune. Here goes: Nice dynamics, catchy "hand to hand" Hi-hat work, great groove (especially that one passage you play right after you come off the two-handed Hi-hat work), tempo steady and unwavering, fills clean with a couple that were a nice surprise, good speed. NICE JOB! Only one aspect that I'm hesitant to even call "negative" b/c I think it's more of a personal preference in sound and tuning. Your toms sound a little flat and "thuddy" to me. Again, that's just a subjective call and could be caused by the miking set-up. Play on! Play on! ~B