My Latest Video - "All Day" (Original)


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Hi everybody! I just wanted to post my latest video. For those of you that may have seen me playing with Delphi Freeman at NAMM, (many thanks Bermuda!) this is a song that she wrote that was on our set list but the sets were cut in time so we couldn't perform this song at NAMM. I really love Delphi's voice...unique! Kind of like Alanis Morissette?...

It's an original song and I wanted to change up the basic 4/4 straight-ahead rhythm. So I put a Sango beat over the quarter note hi-hat to open the song a bit and make it a bit more airy?... I would love to hear your comments on YouTube as well as here, if you would? It's not a particularly complicated song in terms of showmanship but I think, just as importantly, the groove is what keeps the song breathing? What are your thoughts?

Gina "G"
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This is great Gina!!! Wonderful playing choices you're making there :) I didn't like the mix. The song (and the groove) would benefit from the drums sitting much deeper into the mix.


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Hey guys/gals,

I just wanted to say "Thank you" for checking out my video and leaving me some comments. It really means a lot to me! I know that not every genre is for every person and same for mixing, or technique, or fills. But, I do listen to it all with an open mind.


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Very nice! Really dug the groove you created!

And FWIW, I'm with Andy on the mix, though it was nice to be able to hear everything you played very clearly.


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Thanks for the props on my playing! I guess I should mention that this is at Soultone Cymbals Studio and they also make DC California drums. So, the recording usually will usually emphasize their products. I think Delphi Freeman and I may make some further recordings in a third party studio sometime soon.


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G your playing on "All Day" is original and refreshing. Way to think "outside the box" as very few drummers would use a "Songo" based pattern on a pop tune. Love it ******