My latest project - pre mix phase


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Here's an unmixed song recorded a couple weeks back with a band I'm in called Future Kill.

It's all electronic and I've been playing absolutely everything to a click because I have no choice, but it's also something I've been wanting to immerse myself in for a long time.

Still, there's something about this one drumming-wise I'm just not comfortable with yet. I think it's fighting to swing a bit more. Maybe it'll grow on me? All critiques welcome.

It's my favorite song we do...



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Although I wouldn't usually gravitate towards this material, I'm finding that track strangely attractive. The only thing that grates with me is the monotone key melody. I get that it adds to the sour vibe, but the sound gets to me somehow.

I liked your drumming very much. I especially like the dynamic you add to the piece. In some ways, I'm left wanting the band vibe to go with you to add drama. I sort of get your yearning for a bit of organic swing or lift to the rhythm, but this is one occasion when I think the click hasn't restrained your expression. In fact, I think the final mix should find a way of celebrating the very straight, almost digital feel to the playing.

As a side note, it's great to hear acoustic drums in electronic music. Really adds a ton of drama to a sterile environment. Loving the vocals too. Great phrasing and diction.

Nice project, wouldn't mind experiencing something similar myself. I could do with some discipline, lol!


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Hey Mike. Well, personally, I thought your playing sounded really good and wasn't missing anything. I know what you are going through. In my current band, I play to a click all the time, for rehearsal, recording, and even live gigging. On top of that, I'm playing an e-kit. So, there has definitely been a learning curve coming from so many years of clickless, acoustic playing. I'm also a bit jealous, since I really would like to play acoustic drums to electronic music, but we decided to go with an e-kit for more sound control and a more electronic sound. Anyway, keep it rolling.


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Thanks for the valuable feedback Andy and boomstick. I'm glad you guys liked the drumming ok. There's still room for improvement for sure - it's funny because I can play that groove without the click and it sounds like it does in my head, but I obviously need to be able to nail it with the click - now I think about it, that's one song where the click is set to 8ths with the rest set to quarters... maybe that's what's hanging me up??

The electronic experiment has been great for improving my ability and gaining confidence with a click. Most of the more unrefined rock stuff I usually gravitate towards eschews that sort of thing.

I'm also glad to be able to use acoustic drums on this and am glad you guys liked what they add (not that I had any choice since I don't own any electronic drums!).