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Currently I have 4 different kits ranging from beginner level to intermediate. I’ll list the kits first with stats then show pictures..

may 1st kit was an old Mapex V series made of basswood. I restored this kit as the original wrap was coming apart. The hardware needed a good cleaning and I coated the inside with Tung oil. I used this black wood grain wrap (you see it on the newer mapex kits). The toms were 8in,10in, 12in, 13in racks with a 16in floor tom, 22in bass drum, and a 14in snare (I wrapped the snare in a black faux leather. I used low budget Meinl cymbals which for what I needed they sounded great. I also had the P932 double bass pedal with a single chain.


Next was my 7 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple kit. It had 8in, 10in, 12in rack toms, 14in and 16in floor toms, the bass was 22in and the snare was a 14in. I loved the 30 degree bearing edge, however the only drum heads I found that made the kit sound great was Evans G2 coated heads and G1 clears. I used the same Meinl cymbal set up.. but I upgraded my bass pedal to a single direct drive pearl bass pedal

my 3rd and most expensive kit came in at a great deal! it is the “lower end” of DW but I picked it up for a steal.. the shells were cheaper than my Gretsch kit. But once you factor in the new DW 9002 double bass pedal and the 14x8 steel DW Performance snare I would say it costs the most.I did upgrade my cymbals at this point but didn’t include those in the price (I got the 8 piece Meinl Dark classic customs for $1200 USD. All sizes were insanely huge!) plus I swapped the drum heads out for a more upgraded look but the designer kit just didn’t have the right sound I wanted. Oh the sizes were 10in, 12in racks, 16in floor Tom, and a 22in bass


lastly my most recent purchase was a DDRUM reflex series. The main reason I purchased this kit is the sizes! I got a 13in, 14in rack toms, 16in, 18in floor Tom, and 2x 26in bass drums. Currently I’m working on fixing the shells as the previous owner ripped off the drum wrap and took bits of wood with it. But I’ve filled the holes and patched up any imperfections. Now I’m undecided on a wrap, plus I’m wanting to spray the lugs on this baby. Just gotta find the right wrap/lug color combo. This kit produces a very thunderous sound. I’ll be using my dark classic custom cymbals along with my mapex 14x8 maple snare and my DW performance series snare.


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Wow .... double 26's. Nice. I run a Fiberskyn reso. on my 26 (Ludwig 3 ply) too.

I really like the DW Design series. The smaller lug ..... probably the only DW kit I'd buy. And those Meinl's are sweet !!!

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