My Kit (new here!)


Been meaning to join this forum for ages! Here's a few pictures of me with my kit.



The kits a Mapex M Birch (but taken most the toms off)
22" bass drum, Evans EMAD head
12" 14" toms, with aquarium performance 2 coated(basic remo's as reso)
14", with evans power center reverse dot coated.

Zildjian ZXT - hihats, 16" crash, 20" medium ride
Sabre 18" Medium Crash (pretty much a Staff DH Medium Crash)
Stagg 6.5" DH Bell

Hardware is all mapex, double kick is Tama Jnr.. Vic Firth 2B's :D

Found a slight crash in the ZXT crash, will be drilling it out. If it doesn't keep, will be replacing.. Not sure what with at the moment though..

I play in a poprock band, influenced by Kids in glass houses, Foo Fighters, Paramore, Fireflight, InMe, Skillet :)