My Kit...Finally


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So It's been a while since I posted here, been on a 6 month hiatus from drumming due to moving house and neighbour issues. So I thought Ii'd finally get round to posting my kit on here, finally for the first time after about a year and a half of being on the forums.

Drums: Tama Superstar Hyperdrive full birch
Snare: Tama SLP Power Maple

Paiste PST8 14" Hi Hats
Paiste Alpha 12" Metal Splash
Paiste Rude 16" Rude Crash/Ride
Paiste Rude 20" Crash/Ride
Paiste Signature 20" Heavy Bell Ride
Paiste Rude 18" Wild China
Meinl Classics 10" Splash

Meinl Cowbell

Gibraltar Rack (Various Cymbal Booms)
Tama Iron Cobra Powerglide double
Gibraltar 9608M Throne
Gibraltar 6607 HiHat Stand
Gibraltar 9606 Snare Stand

Woofer: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel



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Cheers Toddmc, it sounds pretty good in metal setting, can't wait to order my rude hats either. Also I think my 20" Rude crash/ride was a steal at £100 purely cause they were dirty, 2 hours of cleaning later and its like new (its now oddly shiny though). As for the hyper drive kit, it was the shallow toms that actually made me want it more, I love smaller drums, well apart from deep snares, my only complaint is that I wish they also made a more shallow bass drum...and a way to buy extra drums.

Thanks for the video, that was hilarious, I watched the cooking with Anselmo one before but I didn't know they brought out another 2 episodes.


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Cheers John, I noticed you joined the forums a bit back too, indeed its a small world. Congrats on get into the finals of Young Drummer of the Year too.